Chris Angelini (frobozz) wrote in ezekiels,
Chris Angelini

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Catanistan 11

    "As if enthusiasm was the only worry. Right. So long as it doesn't reek of the dead, and doesn't look like it's a waste of what we've got." She leaned forward, seriously. "If it is, I'll make sure you help deliver the message to my sister about here wonderful notions." Body optional.

    "Of course," replied Catanistan, wryly. "Before I begin this recruitment drive, I would ask one thing more." Catanistan steepled his fingers, considering how best to deliver this. The most diplomatic way to approach a topic of fear is to deflect it onto someone else, so... "One of the guards I met on the way here seemed entirely terrified by the dead-spot southwards. Otherwise, he seemed a sturdy and solid soul. What do we know of it that could terrify someone so?"
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