Mechaman (mechaman) wrote in ezekiels,

Prelude: Zeerath

Once, I turned my face from the world. No longer. Once you spoke for any cause, but now learn what cause tasks your heart. I am the Unconquered Sun, and I have Chosen you, my speaker. I task you, to bring righteousness to the land, and to bring an army of Truth to defend it.

The sun rose again, giving Zeerath respite from those words, replayed again in his head. Down below, the city awoke, the gates opening on the largest city of the East. Nearly a million people resided in Nexus, and while it wasn't necessarily the best place to start, it was where Zeerath's feet had lead him. The newly Exalted didn't need to recall those words, spoken to him as he endured his abandonment... they were in his heart as much as the mark on his forehead was branded, if now invisible. The tone though, that was the part that perhaps made one wonder. What made an army of Truth. The truth of the betrayal, of course, that the Solars were not the Anathema, that the Dragonblooded ruled from a lie... all of those fit well enough, and they all were truth, but there was something more to it. Something that gnawed.... it was not a lack of faith, but a hint, perhaps. A directive there, yet unclear.

In any case, there could be no army without troops or means to supply them. And there were old acquaintances here. It was a place to start. If one thing Nexus rarely had in abundance was those of either truth or righteousness.
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