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Read between these pages (Catanistan 10)

"With the way things go between us, I think you'd best bring along a keg, if it wouldn't offend his 'grace's sensibilities. He may enjoy his wine and .. other pleasures, but he knows at least that any help we need would need all the more extra. Especially since he can use that same specter across the south to deny anything, in the name of defending this place. Playing both sides of an argument, I think he figures, means you never lose."

"Hmmmm," mused Catanistan, pondering the words. "A keg indeed. Perhaps I should bring along a bottle of wine to ease our meeting. If we have one at hand, that is. One will generally try to divide and conquer everything except one's own vices. Playing both sides of things is a game for the sober."

"I think I could spare with a cask or two, fair warning." Her expression showed much her thought on that, however. She didn't trust the man, not one bit, and while she did believe the drunkenness, her face being plain on that account, her instincts, the hidden brain did not. To Catanistan, that mixed message was it's own enlightenment.

"Right now, what I have is goods, and enough to perhaps payroll three talons of cannon fodder for a week. Neither of which is going to be terribly much use, unless Hulani's 'support' comes into town soon." She shifted a bit as she thought on the other question, a seriousness to her manner. "If you put it that way, the only kind of coin I don't want to borrow from this mess is more trouble. Other than that, we're in pretty bad straits. I've got a feeling a hell of a lot more than that bastard knows." There was a lot more to that, in truth. A kind of bleak desperation, yet again that unease, below her surface. The woman had not been anything but honest to the question, but Catanistan's eye again noticed, she was no fool. She knew there could be worse, but she feared the south implicitly.

"Plenty enough script for the hiring, so long as I pick our hirelings carefully. One good man is worth a legion of mediocrity. Though I'll certainly try not to let on how badly off we are." He smiled ruefully. "That tends to discourage enthusiasm."

"As if enthusiasm was the only worry. Right. So long as it doesn't reek of the dead, and doesn't look like it's a waste of what we've got." She leaned forward, seriously. "If it is, I'll make sure you help deliver the message to my sister about here wonderful notions." Body optional.

All the bold text are what was gleaned from those rolls, and is not quite 'on the surface' of Korine. She's tough, she's strong, she's proactive, but something about this has unnerved her to the core.
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