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From one's mouth to another's ear.... (Catanistan 4)

The guard nods, accepting the paper. With a perfunct turn he starts to walk for a nearby hall, the house sigil prominently placed, even if it looks to be a recent addition. Two 'blooded guard pace the door restlessly, yet look more than mildly new to the job. Not lesser trained than many of the warriors of the realm, but nether terribly seasoned. Considering the age of the house itself, even accounting for those who had become a part of it through marriage and liege oaths, it wasn't quite surprising.
His guide didn't pause in his stride and continued up the path, moving through the small warehouse of items toward one of the few interior rooms, the smallest of the set. Another guard, looking a bit more seasoned than the outer two nodded before the guide walked in. The woman at the desk, while still looking very young had a different quality about her.

It wasn't any sort of beauty. A horrible scar marred her face badly, making one that was mildly pretty into anything but. It wasn't the kind of quality that made one apprehensive about how much money was left. The look on her face was rather uncompromisingly open, which made it rather easy to tell to him that his presence wasn't a part of her most favored status. (It also, perhaps, showed why he'd been thought suitable, however) At the same time, her attitude was much a living presence, one that played across her more than the scowl as she looked up at his arrival. She was the kind who showed what she wanted, and it got done. Not for any fear, but because it was, in the end, what was expected. The attention and stance of his guide gave its own clues, that that expectation wasn't born in arrogance, or not without respect. But that, after all, was past the first meeting.

She took the letter from his guide and opened it with no words, scanning it over. Her eyes narrowed a bit, then placed it flat on the table. She nodded toward the makeshift chair in front of her desk. "You might as well sit down, this is not going to be a short visit, and I don't care on formal welcomes anyway." Lady V'neef Korine looked to him, as if looking through the roadgrime and clothing and trying to see what was at his marrow. "I suppose my sister didn't think to tell you what's in this letter?

Not much here, since mostly I'm going from passive observation for this part. Hulani did give the job intent described in the prelude, but was generally vague, though in a polite, retiring way. Her aspect was water, while the red-haired woman here is definitely Fire. Which may warn of a bad temper, but isn't exuding any warning signs of that.
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