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Clean Sweep (Eorl 2)

A careful examination of the floor revealed no surprises and the window was open. As the light of the moon slipped into the room, it did help show the pedestal was the trap, faint cracks along the base of the unit giving it away. It was set to keep to a measured weight on top, yet carved well to not give it away, normally. Of course, he'd seen the kind before... somewhere or another. Still, overall, a simple removal for that black jade disc....

Okay, I rolled a Perception/Larceny roll for this. If anyone has any desire to make a roll on things themselves, I do have a form up at, to make it a bit easier. Eventually, I plan it to be part of a page I plan to have live by tomorrow. Rolls aren't required for you to do, but in general, if it seems a point to, I'll try to use this and post the results in a cut like this. Also, if I know the address to send to, the "Address to get a copy of roll:" will be set to that person (or if you do the roll, CC yourself there).

No. of sides on every die: 10
No. of dice for every roll: 1
No. of dice rolls requested: 5
No. of rolls per line: 5

8 9 9 2 3
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