Mechaman (mechaman) wrote in ezekiels,

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Dead Men Tell Many Tales (Catanistan 2:5)

"Those who rose?" asked Catanistan. He reaches into a pocket, removing some jerked beef. Rude rations for someone who desires something savoury, but still they are all that's at hand. He moves the bits of beef closer, to where the fellow can see. "Tell me of these dead men?"

He cackled a bit, taking the offered and starting to bite into it as he capers slightly to the side. "Mmm. Tell of the place where the blood of calves ran black, a river of salt water waiting a call, call it did to one chained, and a small link was brought out, unaware." He cocks his head to the side, grinning wide. "Bear to all four corners, bare to the world, bare to the blind, bear to the mad, yes... the bears to me."
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