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Walking in the city of Glassthorn (Catanistan 2:1)

The streets of the city are more silent than not, even as the caravan's arrival seems to have flushed out some lurkeres. Part of this is the heat of the climate of the area, but much more seems to a general disease. An almost palpable feeling of foreboding. Those who travel freely seem to have a combination of bravery, heavy armamnet, lineage of the Dragon, or otherwise reasons for perhaps a false sense of security. Still, some shop owners seem to be trying to hawk what wares they can while people are looking for goods. Others seem not willing to advertise their goods, though many seem able to figure out what they carry with small difficulty.

A doddering cripple laughs by the inner exit for the commerce district, the laugh having an unsettling to it. His eyes seem bright, amused with life and things. The guards seem to be keeping an eye on him, but do not pester him, with a wariness.
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