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Hopefully it will be a very fine year... (Catanistan 14)

"I understand," replied Catanistan, sighing lightly. "We'll take this a day at a time and see if, perhaps, someone will send us a miracle. They might be in shorter supply than in ages past, but they haven't completely passed out of the world yet, have they?"

Korine looked to him with a look that said loads to her opinion of such a matter, but she gave him the decency to allow that there was the long shot at the least.

Catanistan rose, offering a hand once more. "I'll take the wine with me. Just in case it's useful. Better to have it than not."

Korine laughed a bit. "If nothing else, it can't hurt as a final toast if all goes to nothing, eh?" She took the hand in a firm, hard shake, then sat herself down. Catanistan's dismissal implicit.

Okay, that was a full scene for certain. If you have any comments on where and what you want to start the next scene, comment here, please, and I'll open the next scene where it applies best. Experience rewards are below, anything spent up to a point I can put 'background.' Otherwise, we'll work the script to bring it into play.

Completed scene of 10 or more posts of substance: 1 point
Interaction/Roleplaying: 1 point

2 points for the scene. Not much, but this is a groundwork scene, I figure as we add and branch, the rewards will probably make most of them about 4-6 points per scene end.
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