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Fear of death is the fear of not living as it is death and thus living not. (Catanistan 12)

"Of course," replied Catanistan, wryly. "Before I begin this recruitment drive, I would ask one thing more." Catanistan steepled his fingers, considering how best to deliver this. The most diplomatic way to approach a topic of fear is to deflect it onto someone else, so... "One of the guards I met on the way here seemed entirely terrified by the dead-spot southwards. Otherwise, he seemed a sturdy and solid soul. What do we know of it that could terrify someone so?"

She snorts. "Common sense. Or rather, knowing that it's likely the start of another of the Deathlord's domain, but they don't ever think small. He was probably in the last caravansary we tried to push across." Korine's eyes go distant, just a bit. Enough to let show that the 'we' is not at any form of distance at all. "It was spread over at least two days then, though not as obvious as that black tar you seen now. Nothing at all living, bone quiet... then the night..." She shudders. "We managed to beat things back then pull away for the city again. Ten people, no goods." Touches of guilt and responsibility touch face, implying she didn't intend to make it back.

"We brought the word back, fat lot of good it did."
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