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Formation Orders (Catanistan 6)

Korine snorts, as if amused. "Well, she doesn't seem to ask much of you." She leans back, opening the paper, and reciting in an airy mockery of the other woman's tone. 'Dear Korine, since our household cannot spare even a fang's worth of our brethren, even as we agree the shipments you've sent are vital. However, we can and will send what other support we can, and urge you seek those about that you can find. As some of our mother's ... speaking qualities were passed to me, and more our father's skills to you, I thought you could use, perhaps, someone to help make the bargain and secure the aid. After all, better not to waste those that we send." She tosses the letter to the desk. "Thoughtful of her, wasn't she. Then again, she seems to think that I don't precisely use those precious little skills away from where it's easy to get materials.
She leaned forward. "So, you're little job is for me to find allies in this dragons-forsaken place, people you can contract, scrape, hell, I don't really care what you do. Because I know that dead spot's growing down the river. Without it, no one can get to the deserts, goods or people. And the city's satrap's a Cynis who loves to mouth platitudes of the survivors of the fittest. That way he doesn't have to invest much in the ruling of the city. Pity the drunk's got a rather good survival streak to him."
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